What are the challenges are facing the IT team to Implementing business continuity

What are the challenges are facing the IT team to Implementing business continuity

In this world of digital transformation – every business is a digital business and the importance of technology as a driver for business value has never been greater and it goes along with this that when an outage occurs the impact has also never been greater. There are the direct costs often measured in lost sales during the time of the outage. Certainly, last year wasn’t great for the aviation industry and many of us experienced this challenge directly.

Azure can help by reducing the challenges of cost and complexity, while helping add coverage and compliance. Let’s drill into more details.

Microsoft Azure provides customers peace of mind knowing their workloads are protected from any disaster without having to build and maintain a secondary data center or relying on backup. Azure delivers cloud services that extend to your datacenter to protect your infrastructure, transforming your business with a true hybrid solution.

Reducing costs

Customers do not have to pay for infrastructure, the power to run and cool machines, or IT personnel to manage machines, saving customers from paying to maintain a secondary data center.

Managing complexity

Customers can leverage automation to enable the true power of recovery plans and allow you to failover your workloads with a click of a button, removing the guest work and stress involved in a disaster.

Ensuring compliance

Disaster recovery is no longer constrained by geographical barriers. The disaster recovery site can be from any one of our Azure regions around the world. (Or asking for something like the quick restoration of workloads allows customers to gather necessary information to meet compliance deadlines).

Scaling protection

ASR provides rich capabilities to quickly replicate virtual and physical machines a customer’s own secondary on-premises site or Azure.