Empowering you to achieve more with Microsoft 365

Empowering you to achieve more with Microsoft 365

Enable remote actions on Windows 10 devices

FastTrack for Microsoft 365now offers deployment support for co-management on your Windows 10 devices to help you get the most of our your Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Co-management enables a Windows 10 device to be managed by Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune at the same time, giving IT admins the ability to enable remote actions on devices—including factory reset and selective wipe for lost or stolen devices

Discover and securely share videos with Microsoft Stream

This quarter, we’re making Microsoft Stream available to small and medium-sized businesses by bringing it toMicrosoft 365 Business, Office 365 Business Premium, and Office 365 Business Essentials. Stream is an intelligent video service, which makes it easy to discover and securely share videos from across the organization, with features like auto-generated and searchable transcripts, and AI-powered speaker detection.

Get paid faster and manage mileage expenses more easily with new integrations

Now you can collect pre-payment from customers when they book an appointment with you via Microsoft Bookings—a great way to reduce no-shows. You can also now provide customers a direct link to Microsoft Pay from within invoices generated by Microsoft Invoicing, providing a convenient and secure online payment option

Offering tools for  whole life experiences has never been more important as many of us are living a digital lifestyle that presents more opportunities, yet more demands on our time, than ever before.

Whether you are juggling a career and family; running a family as head of household; or growing your career or education, you tell us your greatest need is simply more time and the tools to do what matters most to you.

Our Digital Lifestyle

The explosion of innovation over the last decade has fundamentally changed the way we live our lives. More than ever before we move fluidly between our work and personal lives as technology is always with us. This shift in lifestyle is centered around three key dynamics:

There is a blurring of work and life leading to a feeling of being “always on.” Technology has enabled us to be constantly performing work or personal tasks anytime, anywhere, and with all of the benefits that brings, many of us are unable to find the right balance.

The constant battle for our attention is making it hard to focus and is challenging our ability to be productive. Many of us check our phones between 150-1,000 times – each day, spending 3-6 hours daily on screens. And some of the apps and services we use are designed to capture our attention and mine our personal data – ultimately taking our time, versus giving us time back.

Finally, there is an increasing desire for meaning and purpose in our work and lives. All around us we are seeing a redefinition of success. Many of us are viewing our careers less as a ladder and more as a lattice, where we can grow from new experiences, and pursue multiple passions. We see these today in the rise of the side hustle, the gig economy, and the success of companies that focus on giving back.

Empowering a New Era of Personal Productivity

We believe Microsoft can uniquely help you manage this digital lifestyle by delivering technology that empowers you rather than overwhelms. We are centering on our area of strength and passion to empower a new era of personal productivity in every aspect of your lives. Not just at work, but also in how you live, learn, and play. We will help you make the most of your time, with experiences that help you across your whole life and across all your devices.