Safeguard and protecting your business from external threats 

Safeguard and protecting your business from external threats 

Today, no matter what your small business does, data has never been more valuable. Your business contacts. Your SOWs and invoices. Your accounts information. Your methods and processes. Your templates. Your email.

Technology gives you the ability to access these things, to carry them around on a laptop or a mobile phone, but all that access exposes them to risk. Office Employees who don’t understand how to create secure passwords or take precautions, or who forget a device, need guidance.Simplified device management empowers you to take advantage of the enterprise-level security features of Windows 10 Pro.

In addition to Enabling all these amazing productivity and collaboration features, Microsoft 365 Business gives you peace of mind by Safeguarding your business. It helps protect your company against external threats and data leaks of sensitive business information  

Layered approach to security:

First layer of protection helps to protect from threats hidden in email attachments and links, and get cutting-edge defenses against zero-day threats, ransomware, and other advanced malware attempts.  Second layer of protection from data leaks helping you prevent sensitive information like SSNs and customer credit card numbers from being shared outside your business.

Second layer of protection to control and manage access to information. With M365 B, you can control who has access to company information by applying restrictions like Do not Copy and Do Not Forward. You can Enjoy peace of mind by remotely wiping business data on lost or stolen devices without affecting personal information. The top layer focuses on 16by giving you access to the same enterprise-grade service and protection but without the need for an enterprise-sized IT department.

Our threat protection tools keep your business free of hazards such as spam, malware, viruses, phishing attempts, malicious links, etc. while helping to protect from sophisticated threats cunningly disguised as email attachments or links, zero-day ransomware, and other advanced threat techniques. These capabilities come from our built-in malware protection capabilities that not only help you prevent threats, but also alert you if a breach has taken place and notify you when additional actions are required, and from advanced file encryption made possible through our BitLocker technology.

Unfortunately, we live in a day and age when virus and malware attacks are a common occurrence. When successful, these attacks can cause several issues for a company—from loss of customer trust to financial woes resulting from business-threatening downtime and more. ATP helps Protects your business from sophisticated phishing attacks, unsafe attachments, suspicious links, ransomware, and other advanced malware.

  • Require PIN or fingerprint to access business documents and data
  • Remotely wipe business data without affecting personal information
  • ​Apply encryption and restrictions like do not forward to emails and documents

The Threat Protection Features in Microsoft 365 Business scan each & every attachment coming in via email. It does a comprehensive, real time analysis of the behavior of the file to determine its intent (whether normal or malicious), thereby leading to better intelligent protection against unsafe attachments that are the basis for phishing schemes and ransomware infections

Controlling and managing access to who has access to content is the 3rd layer of your security strategy. A challenge that small businesses have is controlling & managing who has access to the company’s sensitive information. Enabling these controls without hindering productivity is also hard. Information Protection Policies in Micorsoft 365 Business provide capabilities to control & manage how information is accessed and making sure that only the right folks have access to the right data