Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365

Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365

Modern workplace is a new approach takes a user center approach to device and the delivery of IT services to end-users, where we join Windows 10 to the cloud version of Active Directory (Azure AD), to provide Single-Sign-On (SSO) authentication from anywhere and use Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools to manage our devices.

Tools for the administration of a complex, private cloud environment that enables the build-out and operations of automated and highly-available server infrastructure, including a complete solution for disaster recovery scenarios.

Why modern workplace

The modern workplace is defined by the tools, the methods, and when and where we work.

Efficiency Having tools and processes that improve the ability to collaborate on work can have a big effect on the bottom line. Freedom to work from anywhere in this world. Since so many of the best collaborative tools are internet-based, they create a better environment for the remote worker.

As applications are delivered in a modern way, they tend to be accessible when end-users are outside of the corporate network.

How to transfer modern workplace

Workplace collaboration tools are a combination of these things

  • File and document management, the ability for people to work together on materials simultaneously via co-editing functionality,
  • Written conversational applications like email and chat,
  • Telephone calls, and by extension, mobile phone and video calling too,
  • Digital communities and teams, places where people can organize themselves around a common goal or interest.
  • Integrated suites like Microsoft Office 365, Business tool: Excel, Word, Project & SharePoint
  • Digital Whiteboards

Infochola is helping to design modern collaboration in your company and we offer modern tools for collaboration, communication and information sharing with your users in a secure way and without loss of user experience regardless of where and on what type of device they work from (administration and management of mobile devices, client/mobile client security – Windows, Android and iOS).

Benefits for Customers

  • Sharing information in a safe way and Boosting your communication efficiency
  • Providing a Modern environment for a communication and collaboration of Microsoft products
  • User communication is not dependent on where you work from or what kind of device you use
  • BYOD: Bring Your Own Device
  • BYOA: Bring Your Own Applications