Benefits of Serverless apps in Azure

Benefits of Serverless apps in Azure

Serverless computing is the consideration of servers, infrastructure, and operating systems. When you build serverless apps you don’t need to arrangement and manage any servers. You can take your mind off about infrastructure concerns. Serverless computing is driven by the reaction to events and triggers happening in near-real-time in to the cloud. As a totally managed it service, server management and capability planning are invisible to the developer and charge is based on resources consumed or the particular time your code is running.

1. Manage apps not servers:

  • Focus on your app logic. If you are an insurance company, you want to be spending your time on providing a great customer experience and maybe optimizing the claims approval process.
  • You don’t want to worry about servers. It is now possible

2. Reduced DevOps:

  • Since you are no longer required to worry about scale, availability, deployment etc., your effort towards non-core activities goes down significantly
  • Serverless architecture leads you down something we call a “pit of success” by providing a model where components are small and decoupled by design thereby reducing integration challenges

3. Faster time to market:

  • Time saved leads to faster app building
  • Serverless also provides an easy and cheap way to do experimentation – thereby allowing for faster iterations and prototypes