Which are the Application & Infra plays in Azure

Which are the Application & Infra plays in Azure

LOB Apps in Azure:


SAP on Azure

Run your mission critical SAP workloads on Azure. Support for dev/test and production scenarios, including NetWeaver and HANA.

Red hat on Azure

Add the power and scale of Azure to Red Hat applications. Get fast and easy provisioning, move Red Hat subscriptions to Azure, and get enterprise class support.

Java applications

Azure supports Java applications. There are Windows Azure packaged SDK tools for Java including emulators, plugins, and client libraries to drive smooth development efforts. 

Data Protection and Availability

1. Hybrid cloud storage with StorSimple:

Connects Windows, Linux and VMware servers to Azure storage in minutes – no app modification required. Get enterprise storage performance with local storage capacity scaling and location independent disaster recovery.

2. Azure Storage:

Protect vital data with automated backup to Azure storage. Ensure business continuity with consistent tools for backup and recovery to local disk or Azure storage. Ensure application consistent backup so that data is not corrupted.

3. Azure premium storage:

SSD Based storage solution, runs high performance enterprise grade applications, premium storage works with G Series and D Series VMs industry leading performance 64TB capacity 2000MB per second, 80,000 IOPS per VM

4. Express Route:

Create private connections between Azure data centers and infrastructure on your premises or in a co-location environment. Get more reliability, faster speeds, lower latencies, and higher security than typical internet connections.

5. Managed cloud file share:

Manage your file server and share, migrate file share based applications to the cloud with no code change, mount the file share from on-premises or cloud, leverage highly available, geo replication across regions, built on industry standard SMB 3.0

6. OMS (Backup and DR):

Single provider with heterogeneous support for Hyper-V, VMware, Linux and Physical servers. Achieve a hybrid strategy by replicating on-premises workloads to Azure unlock Azure’s availability services to provide a direct path to the cloud, unlocking the innovation it delivers.

7. Azure Site Recovery:

Replicate to Azure rather than a secondary data center, zero impact disaster recovery drills, improve RTP (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) for planned and unplanned downtime, minimize app errors and data loss with application consistent data points.

8. Azure Bakcup:

Eliminate tape to save cost and recovery times, protect Azure IaaS virtual machines, lower management cost of backing up branch/remote offices, protect enterprise workloads including SharePoint, Exchange, SQL, Hyper-V.