Visualizing Data-driven, Intelligent Retail

Visualizing Data-driven, Intelligent Retail

An intelligent retail model can create rich, customer-first experiences at all touchpoints, from backend operations to front of-house innovations. With a data-driven approach, retailers can turn data into dollars by drawing in customers through personalized messaging, merchandise they desire, an excellent support staff and an ultra-responsive retail experience that is underpinned with the power of data collection and analysis.

How leading retailers put customers – and their data- at the center

While shoppers are still hitting the stores before the end of 2018. leading retailers are making investments to future-proof their businesses, so they can exceed customer expectations season after season

Microsoft at NRF: Delivering on the promise of intelligent retail

At Microsoft, we look to bring to market products and services that work seamlessly together to help retailers do more and take advantage of the latest technologies like AI, machine learning and IoT across the entire organization.

Delivering fresh customer experiences by embracing

Retail has always been an industry fueled by change. That’s even more true today, when the whims and desires of customers can change at the speed of a tweet. The most successful retailers are obsessively customer-focused.