Unblocking Workplace Collaboration Tools and Strategies

Unblocking Workplace Collaboration Tools and Strategies

The solution lies in strategically breaking down collaboration blockers so that teams can work together with ease. To accomplish that, enterprises are turning to collaboration suites that allow employees to communicate and share through a single platform.


Lack of version control Imagine you worked all week on the first draft of a presentation. You’re ready to share it with key stakeholders but emailing the file and waiting for revisions makes the process painfully inefficient. It’ll take too much time, and you’ll end up with multiple edited versions of the same document. And, after several revision rounds, it might not even be clear which document is the final version. Without real-time file-sharing technology, employees’ workflows are compromised.

  • Sharing attachments via email wastes time.
  • Multiple revision rounds lead to endless versioning of a document.
  • Files are easily misplaced, lost, or overwritten

With Office 365, you and your employees can:

  • Access documents anywhere, whether online or offline.
  • Collaborate in a single document that’s always up to date.
  • Seamlessly share large files.
  • Use built-in chat functionality to discuss edits within a document.
  • Control permissions of contacts inside and outside the company

Reliable meetings, messages, and screen sharing in a single app

Empower employees to have better meetings with a single meeting platform that plays nice with the rest of your productivity software. With Skype for Business in Office 365, your team can communicate via shared screens, messaging, voice calling, and video.

They’re free to work from anywhere, on their desktops or mobile devices, simply with an internet connection. With everything in one platform, workers can worry less about technology complications and focus on being productive.

With Skype for Business, your teams can:

  • Text, meet virtually, and call across devices, with VoIP and PSTN.
  • Reduce travel using audio, HD video, and web conferencing.
  • Reach out to team members with Skype Meeting Broadcast.
  • Engage your customers using Skype in your web pages and apps.

A central, secure space for team messages and files

Office 365 empowers workers to collaborate with internal and external team members with ease. With Groups in Outlook, teams get a set of shared collaboration assets right in Outlook, including a group inbox, calendar, SharePoint Team Site, OneNote notebook and the ability to “meet now” via Skype. All team communications and content is easily and securely accessible.