Transform your Datacentre to cloud

Transform your Datacentre to cloud
Global organizations are facing disruption from competitors in today’s cloud-first, mobile-first world. Adopting a hybrid cloud model can transform your datacenter to deliver new services faster, scale capacity on demand, reduce cost and complexity of your infrastructure, and increase security with current cloud identity strategies.

Datacenter Transformation allows businesses to develop and execute on an enterprise-wide strategy for deploying a private cloud solution to introduce dynamic and on-demand provisioning, centralized policy-driven management, and pooling of resources across an organization to cut back prices and supply IT agility to the business. Customers will leverage their datacenter to achieve an advantage over their competitors by transforming a value center into a strategic asset, whereas lowering operational prices and increasing ROI.

1. Accelerate:

Microsoft Services speeds up acquiring reliable adoption of private cloud capabilities in customer datacenters.

2. Integrate:

Microsoft Services can help customers integrate cost models and charge-back units to their customers’ private cloud solutions, enabling better monitoring of resource utilization and associated costs.

3. Modernize:

Microsoft Services brings customer datacenters cutting-edge technology and enables the development of an elastic, scalable resource pool that offers monitored usage and secure access.

Microsoft Services can help you:

  • Architect, deploy, operate and manage your public cloud services
  • Develop expertise as we help you build your own private cloud
  • Support use of service providers
  • Incorporate all your cloud services into your management and operational processes