How Microsoft Helps in Business Continuity

How Microsoft Helps in Business Continuity

Running a business can be time consuming and complicated since the rate of success and production of revenue depends on how well business processes flow and the amount of direction provided. By implementing a business continuity plan, you are preparing yourself for whatever disasters may lie ahead by ensuring that your affairs are able to get back up and running with minimal downtime and loss of money.

Microsoft services has gathered recommended practices and architectures to create Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Solutions that take your environment and strategy into account. Options for this Solution include:

BC/DR Workshop

Outlines BC/DR concepts and capabilities within the Microsoft Cloud OS based on the Cloud Platform Integration Framework (CPIF) BC/DR framework. (BC/DR Solution Alignment Workshop)

Discovery and Rationalization

Assesses application environments for compatibility with different cloud-based BC/DR solutions by performing an analysis of the application environment. (Enterprise Discovery and Rationalization)

Connect to Azure

Helps customers establish connections to their Azure subscription to take advantage of hybrid cloud BC/DR capabilities. (Hybrid Cloud -Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Foundations)

Implement Cloud

Enabled BC/DR for Qualified Workloads–Implements cloud-based BC/DR capabilities as outlined in the various CPIF BC/DR scenario guides. (BC/DR Workloads Scenarios)

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Operations

Provide ongoing operations for the BC/DR environment and implement processes for recovery and ingest of new applications. (Datacenter Operations Disaster Recovery)

What Does This Service Include?

  • Assessment:

    Microsoft Services consultants assess an organization’s business needs and existing infrastructure to define risks, needs, and areas of improvement.

  • Architecture, Design and Planning:

    Microsoft Services consultants develop a strategy, design, and detailed plan for deploying the hybrid cloud Solution, allowing for the maximum potential benefits to an organization. Detailed guidance for utilizing Windows Azure services and/or Microsoft service provider partner services.

  • Deployment:

    Services consultants assist with the deployment and implementation of the hybrid cloud to mitigate risks and promote a rapid return on investment.

  • Knowledge Transfer:

    Microsoft Services consultants provide ongoing training on the hybrid cloud Solution to IT staff throughout the project.

Back up securely with the right tools

Azure Site Recovery service

  • Ensure business continuity by keeping your applications running in Azure. Azure Site Recovery makes it simple for you to test disaster recovery by replicating applications between Azure regions.
  • You can also replicate on-premises VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines and physical servers to Azure to stay available if the primary site goes down. Recover workloads to the primary site when it’s up and running again.