Azure offers many way to save your money

Azure offers many way to save your money

Azure is the only platform that offers an end-to-end cloud cost management and optimization solution to help customers make the most of cloud investment across multiple clouds. Cost Management is free to all customers to manage their Azure spend.

With Azure, there are many ways that we’re working hard to save customers money.

This starts with our Price Match Commitment

  • Take price of the equation on commodity services, relative to AWS
  • If there is a comparable service, we’ll have the same price.

Innovative Products and Services

  • Low priority VMs
  • B-Series – a new burstable core VM size we’re disclosing soon
  • Archival Storage and other low-cost solutions

Cost and Governance

  • Azure Cost Management – Provide a complete cloud cost management solution to monitor, allocate and optimize Azure resources and spend (Free of charge)
  • Azure Advisor – helps customers optimize their resources for better performance, security, and costs (No additional cost to scan Azure resources)
  • DevTest Labs – Create a custom lab to enable Dev and Test with governance, your CI/CD tools, and cost controls

Innovative Programs:

  • License Mobility – Deploy existing licenses with software Assurance to the cloud without added fees (No Mobility fees)
  • Visual Studio Subscriptions – Save on Dev and Test workloads experiment with different Azure services risk-free using monthly Azure credit and special rates for Azure VMs (up to $150 monthly credit)
  • Azure Free Account – get 12 months free access to popular products to test and deploy enterprise apps, create custom mobile experiences, and gain insights from your data (Start free with $200 in credit for first month plus free access for 12 months + Always free services)

Deep discounts on Linux Windows VMs:

Azure Reserved VM Instances (RIs) enable you to reserve compute capacity in advance on your preferred VM series in regions around the world at extremely low prices for 1- or 3-years terms. You can save up to 72% over pay-as-you-go pricing on Windows and Linux VMs. RIs can be assigned at the enrollment or subscription level and can be exchanged or cancelled at any time. (Save up to 72% with Azure RIs)

If you are using Windows Server, Azure offers cost savings of up to 82%. This cost saving comes from the combination of Azure Hybrid Benefits that enable customers with software assurance to use their existing Windows Server licenses in Azure, and Azure RIs. (Save up to 82% with Azure RIs)

Price Match Commitment:

Azure offers a commitment to match or beat Amazon Web Services prices for services such as compute, storage and bandwidth for Azure RIs and pay-as-you-go pricing.